Gone Astray
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keko brey

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Three cups of flour
Three eggs
Three cups of milk

Melanippos' Asianic Fish Soup:
Moderate sized fillet of Hake
8 cooked prawns
100g of seafood extender
Teaspoon of fishpower
2 spring onions
Jigger of fish sauce
Jigger of Soy Sauce
2tbsp of grated ginger
Squidge of wasabi
Sliced bokchoy (add this last minute)

Packet of Udon noodles (I prefer the dried ones - Hakubaku brand)

Seal the Hake (or other firm flesh'd fish) in oil in a fryingpan then add all ingredients except noodles and bokchoy to a half saucepan of hot water - bring to the boil, add more fish sauce or soy to suit your taste. Give it ten minutes. Cook the udon seperately until soft then add to the fish broth along with the bok choy. Give it a good stir then serve.

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