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June 2013.

GONE ASTRAY has moved - ongoing issues with this server has sent us all over to a new location.

All of the Gone Astray Crew can be found over HERE.


I'm leaving the tag box up here for the mo. as it's one of the few ways I can let old viewers know what is happening.



Ten years of effort must not be in vain...

I realised the other day that I had invested a third of my life in this comic.

A THIRD. And I had just left it to moulder away unloved and without closure.
No longer.

I've been put onto some great web comics by friends and reading other peoples work, discussing GA and reading back through my old notes has made me yearn to shake the cobwebs, cockroaches, mould, dust bunnies, grit, etc etc out of this page and not try but GET the comic up and running again.

However the Comic Genesis backend is not allowing me any sort of control over this site so I've shifted everything over to a new site HERE
It'll probably only be a once a month update to begin with as I am now in the midst of my Masters of Philosophy but I will be updating. Hell or high water.

I've now have a longterm goal for the comic - in that I've decided to work towards finishing the stories I began telling - finalising them by printing. Much as Edward Fitzgerald (Translator/author of 'The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam') published his work to have a distinct end to the project. I am also intending to re illustrate the earlier pages, bit by bit, possibly into a full page format. This remains to be seen

On another note: I am currently a part of a Kickstarter - Losing Altitude - this will produce an art book featureing endangered birds (and a Bat <3 - which will be mine) to raise awareness of the species at risk in the world. Do go have a look see.

Scribble vol1

Scribble vol1

I am TWICE published, along with other students and lecturers from my University Design department with a third, e-volume due out early next year.

Scribble Volume 1
I have about twenty eleven softback copies for sale at a mere $15US ea plus postage. We currently have a limited run of 1000 copies, I don't know if more will be printed in future: so this may be your only chance!

There are seven black and white twelve page comics by different artists, in a range of media, pencil, ink and digital.

Scribble Vol 2: Stories from the Garden
Fully coloured soft back! Seven stories - all on the title theme. Mine has thirteen pages of fantasy creatures running amok in a botanic garden, mermaid, dragon, satyr, salamander and a fox amidst others.

I am happy to sign any I sell, and for an extra $5 I'll draw something elaborate next to my signature.

Scribble Vol 3: Stories without Words - coming soon!
And my work may be the cover image XD

Email me to enquire more.

To see what I have been working on outside of Gone Astray head over to Deviantart.

DONATIONS: I won't ask for anything right now - Wait until I've got this up and rolling againg and then I'll put the little battered hat at my feet again. I've enough guilt without more.



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