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>>> Because some foolish Berk requested it<<<

Net Name: Darkhorse or Melanippos
Location: Terra Australis
Current browser: mozilla Firefox and Safari depending on the uni computer being used- this page seems alright in explorer as well... let me know if you have any hassles.

Activities & Hobbies: Gah! To many to fully list but includes: spinning (new!), archery, cycling, horse riding, Medieval combat (sword and board mainly), motorcycling, gardening, Taekwondo, illumination, Drawing >well who'd have guessed<, Reading, camping. I am in the SCA, Tailtí of Gortrua, Seneschal of the College of St Crispin, fighting/living in the Barony of Mordenvale, Lochac.

Hard exercise, Roo meat, Minty things, Riding, sword and spear training, geraniums, green, blue and autumn colours, sketching, anime & manga, rolling twenties to hit, two weapon fighting style, most animal species including insects, sleeping in during winter and sleeping in full stop, Donations! :3.

Dislikes: c
Cold, wet socks >_< eurgh!, Getting back fisted in the nose >_<; ow!, Rolling critical failures on fortitude or wisdom saves, Saukraut, feral animals, erosion, shrill noises, screaming infants, crowded areas, papercuts, the petty afflictions of real life, being late, having debts

Two pet peeves: (I have many many more)
People who stand upwind when smoking and or toss their butts on the ground
People who damage the environment, especially those who do it because they won't exert a little effort to do otherwise and don't care about the consequences.

Current/Future plans:
I am continuing with study at Newcastle University, enrolled to do my honours year in Batchelor in Natural History illustration, earn money with my art and travel.
For Gone Astray: Newsflash!!
I have the story loosly jotted out to the end of the series. When we get to the very end I am planning to redraw from the start - probably in full page format rather than narrow panels with the intention of publishing. This will not be in the near future - i believe I've at least three years worth of plot still to tear through. However I will be starting to put aside funding to help reach this goal.

Roleplaying: No time! No time! (sprouts rabbit ears and a waist coat)

Wish list: Hmmm.. extinction of the human race and a return of environmental equilibrium would be nice
but barring that some others are:

~ A hardbacked copy of Castle Waiting Vol 2
~ A nice steampunk long skirt.
~ Fan ART!!

~ while Im asking for that, $30 thousand dollars would be nice

... well you get the idea.

Any donations to the cause will be currently put into my
'Buy a new sketchpad' fund
BecauseI am on the very last page of this one.
or into my new ink-pen trust (coz trust me they'll run out soon),

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