Gone Astray
Gip fhy
keko brey

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December 09- Some time next year Linkreams may sponsor the site again - but until then I have a space on site for a banner ad sponsorship: You can either offer coin to rent the space on a monthly basis or offer barter of equivalent value.
There is also the option of comissioning me to illustrate the banner as I did for LinkRealms. Email me to enquire

Money cant buy love or happiness
but it can buy pens and better yet a new sketchbook for the comic

Donations of $15 or more is received I'll draw you a graphite sketch of your favorite characrer
Donators of $25 or more will get a coloured and inked drawing of their favorite character ^_^

Paypal doesn't bother to tell me when I get donations so please drop me an email to let me know!