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Towns and Cities

Hafurr - A Marsu aboreal city that also spans up across a cliff face where the inhabitants co-exist with a Nocturn placen species - the winged Chiroptia.

Merchant's Nest... The largest trading city in the realm and is the home of the main merchant's guild for the realm. Once a medium sized city, almost razed to the ground by raiders (attracted by the city's growing wealth and proximity to the ocean and oversea wind drawn trade routes), Merchant's nest rebuilt from rubble and the fledgeling merchants guild ensured that the new structures of the town were not only arranged in such a manner that increased the defensability of their homes and city but were also strongly enchanted with defensive spells by the group of Marsupia and their mages who assisted in the rebuilding of the town. Since that time Merchant's rest, once known as Sifen'ten (Ash town), has flourished.
It is governed in part by several guilds and a council of elected representatives from various parts of the city.

Myzda: The City of Arches. The name comes from the series of ringed ruins and the general archtecture of this haunted area.
The living city itself is a hub of activity where trade flourishes. Myzda is well known for the quality of fabric and textile fibres that are produced.
The ruins around Myzda are extremely old but are probably Placen in origin. Some catastrophy now forgotten imbued the stone with an erratic and sometimes malevolent power. There are usually two to three safe paths that allow access to the city proper.
These sometimes shift in location and are constantly checked by the gate wardens, all of which are at least minor mages. Those who stray from the marked path are generally never seen again... or they are found in... bits, sometimes organic, sometimes stone, glass or ice.
Myzda has never been taken by force - any change of regime has always manifested within the city.
Location: Myzda lies on the far East of the continent of Torren some two days travel from the Kerra Ocean.
Major Exports: The woven rugs and fabrics of Myzda fetch a high price in other cities. The libraries and scholars of Myzda are also famed throughout Torren.

Nexin... One of the minor Trading towns, known for it's rural markets and fairs. Nexin is a small and generally laidback township but due to the large turnover of merchants, and with them con artists and filchers the inhabitants are wary of their purses and don't take kindly to thieves.
Location: Nexin is landlocked and surrounded on two sides by deep forest, commonly known as the Green Ocean.
Major Exports: None, it is where the far inland and the ocean-come merchants meet in passing to trade and barter.

Precipita... Precipita, as in to rain and usually thats pretty much all that occurs there. The people of Precipita, in general, tend to take a fairly optimistic view of life. The majority of the population are water fowl so, understandably, the weather just runs off their backs, though most travellers don't stay long.
Precipita is a small barony and has been run by the same family for over twelve generations. It is too small, too poor (and too wet) to be worth taking over by any ambitious neighbors and so has been left pretty much alone in the conflicts of the realm's politics.
Location: This poor barony is based in a swamp, think Monty Python's Holy Grail: 'Everyone told me I was stupid building a castle in a swamp but I built it anyway. It sank. So I built another one... It sank too. So I built a third one. That one burned down, fell over then sank So I built a fourth one and that one stayed standing.'
Major Exports: Rice, Papyrus, Watercress and a variety of other damp based merchandice.

Quellin, Sepash & Tamsha All yet to be described

Terbin: A small fishing villiage on the lower South West of Torren. Mer-ffolk are sometimes seen in these waters

Forests, Lakes and the like

The Green Ocean... 'The Green Ocean', known in the common elven tongue as 'Orltanir' (grandmother) and the dwarven 'Kzzkruth' (bloody huge), this huge forest spreads over a sixth of the entire realm. The vegetation types change from region to region, depending on factors like climate and soil types which sometime give the appearance of different forests, however the vegetation is continuous and generally unbroken even by major roads.
The Green Ocean is home to most of the subclasses of marsupia in Torren and many areas of it have a reputation for being cursed or under protection of some fell beast. Logging of the forest is generally limited to the fringes of the forest and there are many tales of wilder-marsupia attacking loggers to protect parts of the forest.
Traditional Wood cutters (those who have been in the trade for generations) will sometimes work in the forest with consent from the 'elves', removing selected large trees to allow light in for consequent generations. However these wood cutters are becoming rarer and as a result logging on the edges of the forest is increasing. Some fringe villages have their own plantations for wood rather than harvest from the forest, claiming that to do so would anger the forest gods who would retaliate by driving the forest animals away and so removing a large part of the villager's diet.

Kerra - The ocean East of Myzda. Includes the region known as Storm Holdings, the reefs of K'paji (keh-pah-dji) and contains one of the main trade routes between Torren and Northern continents.

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