Gone Astray
Gip fhy
keko brey

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Afraid I haven't had many questions asked so there's not much here yet.
Feel free to post a question on the tagboard or email it to me!

When are the updates? And why haven't you updated yet?
Updates are currently on Fridays at 12am (9am GMT) as soon as possible and I will try hard to keep them constant. OOC Sundays will be up on random Sundays hopefully starting soon. Come November updates will return to Mon/Fri due to some wonderful donators.
Updates may be delayed due to a chronic case of Real Life (Universitius studius) which I am occassionally debilitated by.

How do you pronounce the names?
All the main characters names are sad sad little puns.
This terrible tradition springs from a computer game of Darksun my brother and I played years and years ago, giving all the characters pun names like 'Hacken Slash' and so forth. Juvenile as it is, I still enjoy the cast's names, I suppose they are a statement about being more than the lable placed upon an individual by society, just as the characters are more than the class indicated by their names.
Prononciation Guide:
Brey Canetra (Bray Kahn'en'tra) 'Break and enter'
Fhy Tier (Fye tea-ah) Yup, 'Figher' Its so shallow It's really deep -_^
Keko F'nee ('Kay-ko F-nee' ('nee' as in knee) 'Cacophony", like Cacophanix in Asterix ^_^
Gip Sai (Jip (like a dog's yip)-say ) 'Gypsy'
Mae Di'Kate (May Dee-kate) Medicate
Sohr Ce'Ror (Soar Seh-rawr) Sorceror - even though he's actually a mage ^_^
Epiphermal De'Lucklyss (Eh-pee-fermal dee-luck-less) less usual in pun - epiphermals are short lived plants - they live for one season, disperse their seed then die.

Still in the gaming group that originally spawned GA?
Nope. I'm in one state and the two groups are in two other states. I don't have time to RP at the moment, though I know of and have been invited to play in Warhammer and Shadowrun by a local group. Perhaps next year.

What version of the AD&D rules were used in the games that GA originated from?
Originally Second Edition, though some of my latest ideas have come while playing 3rd ed (Which I still tend to feel is a bit munchkiny)

Are there Half Elves/Orcs/Dwarves/etc?
There's no cross-species offspring in Aeorn.
The genetic differences between species hold true - the same as in our own world - so no half elves - not even half diurns/nocturn mixes (ie a half possum, half kangaroo). A pair of different species can fall in love, their specific gods might bless their marriage but they would be limited to adoption for children unless they were very close species, say as lion and tiger - even then offspring would likely be sterile and probably ostracised in most societies as unnatural.

And An additional bit of explanative trivia:
Just a little additional info on the world, I'll add more as it comes to mind:
In general large placential mammals and avarian match humans (though humans are also present though not common on Torren), little placential mammals and avarians are halflings and gnomes, marsupials are elves, monotremes are dwarves.
Lizards are lizard men and so forth.
There are both bipedal and quadrapedal animals: the sapient ones are mainly bipedal.

This FAQ can only grow with your help so if you'd like to know more ask! Post in the tagboard or drop me an email. Explaining it helps me build Aeorn.