Gone Astray
Gip fhy
keko brey

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Species: Placen Caprinac
Class: Cleric

Str: 14
Dex: 13
(+3 on any craft skills)
Con: 15
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Alignment: Lawful good

Age: 33
Diety: Mei'inda, the weaver

Weapons of choice: Faith
Current fortune: What is the abbey's is hers and what is hers is the abbeys (she has five silver pieces in a pouch and a gold coin sewn into her sleeve).

Personality: Mae has not long been out of the monastery. Previously her days were filled with weaving, sewing and tending to the ills of those who lived in and around the area of her clerical order. She does have a personality but it is very meek and mild and at the moment overwhelmed by the strong natures of the others in the party. She has lost a lot of confidence in herself since leaving the monastery and frets at having nothing to keep her occupied.

Character: Gentle and retiring

History: Mae was raised from a lamb by her monastary - she is an assistant to the head healer, Sister Infirma.
Prophecied as being the one to find the Crown of Eyes, a relic of the order stolen long ago, Mae frets that she is not up to the task. At the moment, with nothing to do but wait for the Crown of Eyes to come to her she tags along with the rest of the party.

View of other party members:
Fhy: A fellow herbivore. But one who wages war for coin. He is a destroyer and she does not understand. He needs the elbows of his jacket mended.
Brey: His morals a dubious but he appears small and harmless. He is cheeful and friendly to her. Her foster-mother, the hawke nun, warned her not to trust him but she can see no reason why not. He takes care of his clothing.
Gip: The lady is of the old races. Mae is in awe of the soul-beauty her cleric-sight shows her but mournes and wishes to mend the damage she sees there. She knows it is a task well beyond her skills.
Keko: A MAKER of music! Mae would bemost comfortable with the bard if she felt the canine paid any heed to her or the surroundings half the time.