Gone Astray
Gip fhy
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Species: Marsu phlangera
Lawful good
Age: ???
Diety: ???

Described as 'all grace, subtle motion and submerged power' by one of Merchant's Nests sedentary bards - Kintarq is a marsupia mage.

An Aboreal nocturn marsupia Kintarq's is of one of the more commonly seen Houses of Marsupia and originally became involved in the Guild shortly after an attack organised against the town using a combination of magic and brute force almost wiped out the inhabitants.
The rest of the Marsupia band moved on after this but Kintarq remained behind to assist a young Mouseling trader of the name Tarn Canentra rebuild the shattered Merchant Guild and the town. As well as watching for the possible return of the attackers Kintarq added magical wards into the buildings and walls as they were repaired to strengthen them.
Though he has occassionally returned to his homelands a Kintarq has made it a habit to return to Merchant's Nest at least twice a Placent lifetime to visit the decendants of his old friend Tarn and is a favorite amoung the young Canentra's for his majic tricks and storytelling.
When choosing to dwell in Merchant's Nest Kintarq for a prolonged amount of time Kintarq teaches magic to those with the gift that he considers worthy and acts as a advisor on the Guild Council. He is highly respected by ALL of the Council, partially because of his age and involvement with the Guild and also because he knows every skeleton that any guild family could possibly closet.

Kintarq has tried to teach magery Brey but found the young mouseling had no aptitude for it.

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