Gone Astray
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Species: Placent canus (border collie)
Class: Bard

Str: 13
Alignment: Lawful good
Age: 21
Diety: Sansiniri, God of music and festivals.
Weapons of choice: Rapier Specialisation and dagger
Mild Phobia of spiders
Current fortune: 18 gold pieces and her hand crafted lute.

Generally cheerful to the point of strangulation Keko is a bit of a dew eyed sentimentalist when it comes to the subject of folk stories and songs, namely adventuring and elves.

Her Favorite colour is purple and I'll put up more of her background as I learn of it.

Family: An only child Keko had musical parents who doted upon her, funded her instruction in a large range of instruments. Though they adored her music was considered of greatest importance in the family, She is a damn fine musician despite her airs..

Keko is a dedicated Bard, she has only recently gained her journeymin status (she had to complete a long apprenticeship as she was brought up in the bardic guild and was musically capable at age eight but far from mature enough to be sent off alone). She has adored her travels so far, seeming to ignore the hardships, lousy weather and sore feet that are the reality of a wandering minstrel.

View of other party members:
Fhy: Fhy would be the first to clap time if she played a peasant dance but she doubts he'd appreciate the subtlety of court music. Keko is a little of a snob in this regard, she sees Fhy as a peasant despite his sword though she is grateful for the rescue from both the tzelkin and the tower.
Brey: Animated and courtly, Brey is probably the easiest for Keko to get along with. He can converse on most subjects but is not particularly schooled in music. Disappointing. Keko has yet to realise that Brey has been stealing and then returning various parts of her lute and equipment, leaving her feeling very absent minded.
Gip: Keko is learning to hold her tongue and listen around Gip. There have been several times when the Marsu has begun singing under her breath only to stop when noticing Keko's attention. The bard is itching to find out what Marsu music Gip knows but is also aware that the elf has yet to accept her presence as anything more than a temporary irritation.
Mae: There seems so little personality to Mae - she barely speaks and tags along. Why she's like a sheep! The clerics of the weaver don't sing as their Lady isn't musical. For Mae the clack and skim of the shuttle in devotion is music enough. Keko curls a lip at this.