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Species: Placen equine (drafter stock)
Class: Fighter

Str: 18/17
Alignment: Semi-lawful good

Age: 25
Diety: Laulenshi, God-dess of the harvest, hearth and home

Weapons of choice: Heavy swords, prefering the bastard and two handed sword
Compulsivly honesty
Tough hide
Current fortune: three coppers and a bent groat.

Fhy is not a particularly violent soldier, despite his usual employment as a mercenary in the band of the Red Feather. When not on the battle field he tends to try and disable or 'pacify' his opponents rather than all out kill them.
The voluntary estrangement from the herd society common in most herbivorous families sometimes leaves Fhy a little lonely but he rarely voices this emotion and tends just be more withdrawn and thoughtful.
Fhy is an open and friendly individual, too sensible to day dream he tackles obstacles as they come with a sort of resigned optimism and a stoutness of heart.

Fhy is still fairly young and though aware of his limitations in experience, plunges on into the unknown with apparent enjoyment.
Not the brightest candle in the box Fhy is rustic but not stupid. Nor is he foolish; he has a wisdom that often leaves keener intellect in the shade. Voicing common sense that has been over looked by others though sometimes a little too slowly to have effect.
He isn't too good at maps or navigating cross country but both he and Brey can find a tavern that serves hot food no matter where they are... eventually.

Father -
Big Tyne, Mother - Aish, Sibs - Iyne, Tyne, (Fhy), Sirn (deceased), Soh (deceased) and Tiff

Born of peasant folk, Fhy's family tended towards tending fields and growing crops. Fhy probably would have gone the same way, albiet reluctantly, if a war hadn't cropped up and drafted him when he was a just outgrowing his coltish ganglyness.
Luck must have smiled on Fhy for he was fortunate enough to be instructed by no-few far-better-than-average swordsmen and grizzled veterans who were rather amused to find themselves saddled with a green recruit who also happened to be a vegetarian.
After surviving the wars Fhy returned home to find his family, while hale and healthy, rather simple and uninteresting after his travels.
Nipped by the travel-bug Fhy has, in the recent past, wandered from battle to battle with his company, hiring his sword out. Now tired of trying to follow the politics of war and disatisfied with treatment from the higher powers controlling the last few battles he's been involved in Fhy's on sabbatical from the Red Feathers thrown his cards in with Brey, an old acquiantance, to try his fortune at adventuring with mixed success.

View of other party members:
Brey: Fhy trusts Brey completely. He knows the mouse is a thief and a stirrer but also that, at least in regards to friends, there is a code of honour despite the petty larceny. Brey might steal your last copper on a dare but he'd help you find a good meal eight times its worth and a dry place to sleep afterwards.
Gip: Fhy's instinct is to trust her but she is at times so twitchy and spikey that he feels that he's walking on egg shells around her. Despite having no real secrets of his own Fhy is content to leave her to come out of her shell at her own pace.
Keko: Keko bemuses Fhy a little. She is so self confident and set on her own goals. He can admire her music but thinks her a bit of a flibberty gibbit.
Mae: A little sister-cousin by species and someone to protect. Mae is almost the same age as him but has so little life experience outside the monestary that its rather like watching a foal taking its first few steps. He hopes she learns fast but in the mean time there's another herbivore in the party so more reason to find good vegetarian food.

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