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Species: of Impala blood
Class: Justicar

Str: 15
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 18
Wis: 17
Cha:18 (19 when he take his glasses off rowr)
Alignment: LAWFUL good
Age: 36
Diety: Gods of justice are on his case

Weapons of choice:
The Law of the Land. He has a briefcase of bludgeoning (+6) and the general skills of a lawyer-judge with a good aligned deity's blessing. When all else fails he can headbutt (+3).

Glib tongue
Eidetic memory
-Regretfully there are some recent occurences Evan would like to forget.
Current fortune:
Evan's fortune belongs to his clerical order. He is never in need of money provided he has access to a temple of any Justice based God. On the down side - if there is a case that needs overseeing or some wrong to right then he is oathbound to see it done.

Scrawny and pallid of skin Evan has spent his entire life studying to serve his gods - He has been a successful lawyer-judge-enquirer for his temple for the last three years but still feels he is not doing enough. He has had little life beyond his job since the age of about twelve.

Character: When not on a case Evan is quiet, submissive and shy. Put him in a courtroom with solid notes infront of him though (and/or injustices to right) and he becomes a stubborn, determined and confident. He's not sure of the opposite gender and tends to be twitch around them when there isn't a desk or bench between him and them. This has gotten worse since meeting Ignitus who has little concept of personal space.

Evan is a fourth generation Justicar (all through his maternal line) Were he given a choice he wouldn't be adventuring at all but setup in some temple doing his duty as a judge and conflict solver. However a series of unfortunate events has thrown him in with Dee, Axe and Ignitus and he's yet to find a way to extricate himself from their band.