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The world this comic is set in is tentatively known as Aeorn (in marsupia).
The main storyline is currently based in Torren, a large continent that is mainly made up of terrestrial anthromorphs. Humans and other species also live in the world but tend to stick to their respective realms - those you will learn more of as time goes on.
The world is gradually evolving over time from a generic Fantasy world with elves, dwarves and similar, to a world with its own linguistics and traditions - snippets will appear on site as they appear in the comic or occur to me - these will vary from costume to language, deities and traditions. The words Elf and Dwarf will gradually be phased out all together but for the one occassional biggoted character that wanders through the script (Anders the Persian Cat - see inn of green silences arc)

As with most medieval and semi such worlds - wars and petty skirmishes abound, plots seeth, and your wet clothes are always damp in the creases when you try to dry them out by the fire (that or they get slightly charred - Like my boots...)

How did it all begin:
The concept for Gone Astray began with, and continues to be inspired by various roleplay groups that I have been involved with in the past with the occassional bad pun I can't resist.
Originally the main characters were drawn in a picture as a birthday present for a friend in the group, each of the individuals loosely based around the personalities of our own characters - that picture should be found in the gallery but isn't - I'll have to rescan it.

The characters evolved further into a series of skits and pun sketches that mainly revolving around the suicidal paladin who was a part of the RP group at the time. After collecting a large swathe of different sketches and ideas around the seven characters I decided that they deserved a strip and here is the ongoing product.

The realms travelled here are strictly from my own imagination, but as my mind is crammed full of many sci-fi and fantasy fictions there may be some familiar places or parodies on existing worlds. I'll create a map for the interested as I get time and experience in such matters (and invent a few more locations).

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