Gone Astray
Gip fhy
keko brey

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Kohei - a expensive stimulant beverage, generally only available to the wealthy and imported from foreign realms.

Marsupia Words:

Aeorn: (aye-orn) The all, the word most Placens as well as Marsupia use for the world in it's entirety.
Ais-tierath - (ai-ss-ti-eraff))magic in the form of energy bolts
Anmai - (ahn-may) )elven taught shield to control oubaia, generally taught to young upon onset of puberty. The name is also given to the shielded and lightly armored garb worn by young diurn marsupia (anmai-isi) See <a href="costume.html">costumes</a> for more.
Anuasi - (ah-nu-ah-si)To be shielded
Esk - (eh-sk) magical energy in potential, its most basic form before any will or desire has been applied to give shape, focus or intent
Gipsaindi - (gyp-sigh-n-dee)she-hound
Iama - (ee-yah-ma) some one to sit with ones back to. A trusted friend. Speech is not necessary - ones company is enough.
Onma- An elvish expression of regret or apology
Orltanir - (oorl-tah-neer) Grandmother
Oubaia - (oo-bai-ah) the flaring off of magical energy that has accumulated in a marsupia (usually causing chaotic magical effects)
Oubaiasn - (oo-bai-ah-sn) to be in a state of Oubaia
Mefwani - (meh-fwa-nee) shared soul.
Tieraff - (ti-eh-raff) magic that has been given shape, intent or effect
Tsleh: What? [Crude]
Sylen - (sigh-len) ice, cold or frost

Monotrema Words
Kzzkruth: (kizz-khu-ruth) bloody huge