Gone Astray
Gip fhy
keko brey

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From left to Right:
The oracle - Jacobs sheep
The Abbotessa - mute swan
Milos the younger, a novice ( note the lack of an embroidered waist sash) - squirrel
Elanos - hare,
Isashji - llama,
Sister Infirma, who head healer a red heeler (Australian cattledog - its such a bad pun it couldn't be resisted)
Evail - ferret,
Hwafkir, Master of the novices (hence his general irritation with disturbance) - boar
Tahras - ram,
Kiaskreh, a master healer and also infirmary overseer - wedgetailed eagle ,
Maias,- Master of music and the choir (small as it is) - tiger
Mae Di'Kate, journeymin ranke healer - sheep