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Climate/Terrain: Variable
Frequency: Common
Organisation: Seasonally dispersive
Activity Cycle: Diurnal
Diet: Omnivorous
Size: Variable
Intellect: Low
Treasure: Harness and baggage of riding beast
Alignment: Neutral

Another riding beast - more to be added as I make it up ^_^

A pughi will flee unless cornered then it will use its claws and rigid ear-horns to butt its way out of trouble.

Non-domesticated pughi are usually found browsing in open forest in temperate areas. During the breeding season they migrate out into the open plains where they court, breed and give birth to one to three young
During breeding season these creatures become highly strung and stress unless in a herd-situation. This stress can cause a lowering of the auto immune system and mortality. Most owners keep at least three Pughi.

Outside of breeding season Pughi are relatively solitary by nature. They have proven to be plucky, hard working and energetic mounts. Their low front carriage makes them especially uncomfortable to ride for those unfamiliar with their stride. Riding is achieved by standing in the stirrups for most of the time. Pughi are usually ridden by the young and wealthy for short distances. They are very rarely used for distance travel. Their bounding gait is unsuitable for use with most cart and vehicles.
The pughi sleeps with the lower set of its eyes open.

A pughi ram will use his tough Ear-horns to spar with rivals and to defend himself. Females have smaller ear-horns which tend to curl more and have distinct ridging.
Wild pughi will browse on leaves, fruit, blossoms and small mammals/reptiles. They have been reported to eat fish when available.

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