Gone Astray
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Climate/Terrain: Large Swamps
Frequency: Unusual
Organisation: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore/Scavenger
Size: M
Intellect: Animal
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Neutral

The Mo'abi is a species of aquatic reptile found in large swamps in the lusher tropical regions of Torren.
Despite their appearance Mo'abi are capable of extremely stealthy movement in their native terrain. Though they generally do not attack anything larger than themselves a hungry mo'abi may attempt to ambush adventurers or else lead them astray in the swamps with it's dorsal light until they are away from firm land then attempt to pounce on the weakest of the party, dragging them under water to be drowned, dragged away and eaten.

Teeth only. Legs to stubby to do harm. However if bitten victim must do a strength check (bendbars) - in the first round or else the Mo'abi has managed to lock it's jaws shut completely and can only be removed by the creatures jaw being severed all together or if the mo'abi is satisfied it's prey is dead and unlocks its jaw to begin consuming it's kill.
On land Mo'abi can do trample damage but only if their opponent is prone or, somehow, they manage to knock them over. Mo'abi move like athmatic sausage dogs on land, though they are strong, and so it is rare for them to trample anything unless someone has fallen over from laughter.
They are far more dangerous in water where they use their weight to hold larger prey underwater until drowned.

Mo'abi are solitary and tend to roam over marshland and estuarine areas where there are large areas of semi-shallow stagnant or clouded water.
Out of season encounters between two of the same species usually result in bellowing and wrestling matches until the weaker individual is chased from an area. During breeding season only males exhibit this behaviour.
During the early spring mo'abi gather in large numbers to banks of slow flowing rivers where large mud flats have built up. After mating the female female produces 3-6 eggs, buries them in the mud and abandons them.
Young hatch in late spring, generally the strongest eat the weaker then move on to seek other food types and their own territories

Mainly preys carrion and also small lizards, fish and mammals it attracts with it's dorsal light, much in the way of an angler fish, and the sweet scented saliva it continually produces. Large jaws close on prey and lock into position. A Mo'abi killed while biting will need to be cut off.

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