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Honorary Carnivore

Ah the things a soldier will do for money...

On Aeorn mercenaries are generally carnivorous species. Herbivores in the profession have a hard time - lacking the respect that meat eaters have for one another and generally get harassed.
Fhy recognised this when he was first joined the Red Feathers (sponsored by one of the old soldiers that had trained him when he was drafted).
He is considered an honorary carnivore by his peers, originally due to a dare (an idea of which is visible here). He occassionally repeats his performance when they meet up with other merc. groups - this gets him respect from those carnivores who don't know him and also tends to make a fair bit of coin on the side:

"Him!?! E's a horse!
I bet he won't eat it."
"Put yer coin where your tongue wags - A gold coin says he will and keep it down"

(given horses can't vomit they ALWAYS win- Fhy drinks a pint of oil first to ensure the rodent doesn't remain long enough in his stomach to give him collic.)

Tough break for th' mouse but thats life.

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